Território Paisagem


LandPlan – Território, Paisagem, Arquitectura is a landscape architecture studio that gathers landscape architects with several years of experience in the field, with a particular focus on the development of both conceptual and constructive solutions together with other fields of knowledge throughout the whole design process.

The firm LandPlan provides services to singular and institutional clients, both private and public, participating in the development of works that range all sizes - from the private garden as an extension of the house, to a city´s parks and public spaces, to the outdoor spaces of housing complexes, to the terraces and gardens of commercial and office complexes, to the large, man-made areas that feature a balanced integration of the natural within the artificial.

The integrated development of each stage of the project with the other specialists, allows for the achievement of solutions that will greatly promote continuity and cohesion between inner and outer spaces, between public and private domains, resulting in the enhancement of the fruition of outdoor spaces.

The work methodology of LandPlan requires its technicians to be present during decision making moments and throughout the whole design process, enabling the development of solutions that from the outset integrate the specific technical variables of all the disciplines that converge to carry out the work (from stability to infrastructural networks). This allows for the optimization of technical and constructive solutions, which results in the enhancement of the understanding of the proposed architecture and its cohesive relationship with nature.

Margarida Quelhas
Office's general manager

Margarida Quelhas is the founding partner and general manager of LandPlan/TPA (2008).
She started her professional activity at Oeiras City Hall, an internship at the Green Areas Division (1994/1996), where she acquired experience in design, management and maintenance of green public spaces.
She collaborated with the office Proap, Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagística Lda. (1996/2007), where she worked as project coordinator and interns’ supervisor, participating on elaboration and development of innumerable projects within different scales, types and functions.

Joana Barreto
Projects' coordinator

She started her professional course as an intern at the Prof Francisco Caldeira Cabral Landscape Architecture Research Centre, Instituto Superior de Agronomia (2000/2002).
Collaborated with the studio Proap, Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagística Lda. (2000/2006) and Atelier Beco da Bela Vista (2007/2009), having gained broad competences in project design, from private gardens to urban parks and exterior areas of institutional buildings.

Ana Paiva

She started her professional career at F&C Arquitectura Paisagista Lda. (1999), followed by a curricular internship at the Landscape Architecture Research Center - Prof. Francisco Caldeira Cabral, Instituto Superior de Agronomia (2000/2001). Collaborated with the studio Proap, Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagística Lda. (2000-2001 and 2002-2004) and HB - Hipólito Bettencourt, Arquitectura Paisagista Lda. (2004-2006). In 2007 she founded the studio Plantas e Planos - Arquitectos Paisagistas Associados Lda., in which she was responsible for the development of public and private projects until 2017. Between 2018 and April 2019, she collaborated with EPCA - Estudos, Projectos e Consultoria Ambiental Lda. Since then collaborates with Land Plan.

Roberta Grazioli [09/2017 — 02/2018]
Liliana Fernandes [04/2012 — 12/2012]
Carmen Silva [12/2011 — 08/2012]
Past Collaborations
Cristina Leal [03/2011 — 11/2015]
Nuno Mota [09/2011 — 06/2015]
Carmen Silva [09/2012 — 03/2015]