Garden at Alameda Conde de Oeiras

Oeiras, Portugal 2014

This garden is a part of the lot of an existing house in Oeiras. It is intended to define circulation areas, living areas and a swimming pool.

The design organizes the established programme in the existing area, multiplying the available space in diverse smaller spaces with different functions.

The fence between the two parts of the garden inside the lot aims to be a clean delineation of space, concurring to the delineation of areas and enhance the privacy.

The location of the pool took into account the existing access and the best sun exposure in the available space. In the chosen space it was decided to build a long, narrow tank, with two levels of depth of water, allowing the simultaneous use of both adults and children. This difference is marked by the variance in tone on the pool coating. The gap is overcome by stairs leaning against a wall. The pool is built in exposed concrete, the inner side being coated with glass tiles.

Private Gardens
Area: 300m2
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Nuno Mota
Photography: LandPlan
Client: Private