Parcel 3 – Lots 30, 32, 29 and 33

Parcel 3 of Baía de Luanda, Ilha do Cabo, Angola 2014

The project of outdoor spaces developed as a common patio to the four lots, articulates the architectural assumptions of each building, trying to transmit a strong and cohesive image of the set buildings/outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, each building has its own identity, both imagery and functional; the patio, common to the three buildings assumes itself as a central recreational space between the different realities.
The principals of the planning include:
1- a central scenic space, contemplative and framing, capable of focusing the views over Luanda’s Bay and filter the views over the neighbour buildings; it plays an important role in creating a calm scenario, conducive to the working conditions of the office buildings;
2- an infinity pool with 5 x 19m over the Bay’s water, in the centre of the patio, for all ages, includes a deck solarium and a small plunge to where the water goes creating a pleasant noise for the surrounding area, concealing the noises of the city;
3-a playground area;

The project will be constructively independent from the cover slab, constituted by prefabricated modules organised in a grid.

Office Buildings and Housing
Area: 1534 sqm
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Nuno Mota, Joana Barreto, Carmen Silva, Cristina Leal
Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Client: Cooperativa Sanguluca / Cooperativa Essandju / Right Angle s.a.