Choupos' House

Cascais, Portugal 2014

The proposal presented aims to stimulate a positive transformation for the exterior area, turning the garden into an extension of the house.

It is proposed the creation of exterior platforms/terraces connected by comfortable trails, allowing direct and easy accesses in all areas. Thus, the garden acquires plenty of outdoor rooms that will allow it to be used comfortably and intensively. The “green” penetrates in the platforms through the opening of tree pits and/or flower beds.

The constructive solutions and the green systems are part of a set of goals and concerns that aim to answer to local conditions as well as minimize the need of maintenance.

Private Gardens
Area: 920 sqm
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Nuno Mota, Joana Barreto, Carmen Silva
Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Client: Private