Public space of Parcel 3

Ilha do Cabo, Luanda, Angola 2014

The intervention space is located over a large area of landfill turned to Luanda’s Bay. Therefore it has the privilegie of being next to the big water mirror, with the horizon limited by the city’s silhouette.
In urbanistic terms this new portion of the city is organized in blocks, connected by an interior road axis and by a promenade parallel to the bay. Both run the entire intervention area. The Parcela 3’s public exterior spaces result from the organization of the intervention according to the building density, creating different typollogies for the spaces:
- the central street layout and secondary street layouts,
- the pedestrian square and
- the promenade next to the bay.

There are still three fundamental framing spaces, the entries to the “Parcela”, working simultaneously as a limit/border to the next neighbourhood and the surrounding of the technical area.
The design of the spaces followed a very organic way in its definition, looking to remove some stiffness due to the density of the construction of the “Parcela”, using some references from the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx’s work.

Public Spaces
Area: 263941,44 sqm
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Nuno Mota, Cristina Leal, Carmen Silva, Liliana Fernandes
Urban Planning and Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Client: Sociedade Baía de Luanda