Valor Metrópolis

Talatona, Angola 2014

The existing outdoor spaces are organized in two levels, ground floor and 1st floor, with different functions and characteristics.
On the ground floor, the one that grants access to the buildings and allows walking along the stores, it is given preference to pathways sheltered by planted areas in flowerbeds or containers. Aiming a visual and functional connection between this inner paths and the sidewalk along the road, it is proposed a set of flowerbeds and plant containers of the same kind, immediately outside the edge of the lot, crossed by pedestrian circulations.
On the first floor, the outdoor spaces work as living areas or intended for restauration, framed by a green edge that makes the transition to the outer limits of the platform.

Office Buildings and Housing
Area: 7278 sqm
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Joana Barreto, Cristina Leal, Carmen Silva
Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Client: MF/PV - Promoções Imobiliárias, Consultoria e Serviços Lda.