Kizela Building

Luanda, Angola 2015/2016

This proposal aims to create exterior areas where from the residents may enjoy the view towards the Bay of Luanda, whilst having privacy from the neighbour buildings.
The main common space of the 2nd floor is divided between circulations/multiuse area and the pool platform, on a higher level. This platform is framed by a structure of plant boxes, turning the walls into an interesting feature for the low level area. These plant boxes extend until the limit of the lot, planted to conduct views towards the Bay and to promote privacy. The pool platform is made of wooden deck, which also covers the benches/shrub boxes, on a set of comfortable volumes, giving identity to the space.
On the 3rd floor’s private garden, in order to promote the maximum privacy, it is proposed a terrain modelling, which allows plantations of greater size. Between these terrain forms, there are deck areas to, extending the rooms to the outside.
On the terraces of the floors 7 to 10, it is proposed a set of unlevelled plant boxes connected to a small jacuzzi. The different paved platforms that go along the plant boxes may be used to access the Jacuzzi and also as a solarium.

Office Buildings and Housing
Area: 1.615,00m 2
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Joana Barreto
Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Client: Novinvest S.A.