Marina Baía

Ilha do Cabo, Luanda, Angola 2009

The project “Marina Baía” aims, in first place, to promote the growth of the existent lot from 7015m2 to 8300m2 through the execution of a landfill. There will be constructed two buildings, a more functional one for boat cleaning and repairing and for the administrative offices, and another one that will have a comercial purpose that will have restoration areas, commerce, services and habitation.
The exterior spaces of this project, like the two buildings, have the same main functions, one part of the exterior spaces is attached to the parking and repairing of the boats while the other part (next to the comercial building) will be used for leisure and boat selling exebitions.
In order to make the difference between the functions of the exterior spaces more relevant there will be used materials more appropriated to each function. Are proposed more robust concrete modules for the areas with automóvel circulation, labor areas; bigger and more elegant concrete slabs for the pedestrian areas next to the commercial and leisure areas; and a more noble material, wood, for the restoration area’s supportive terraces.
The green zones can be divided in three typologies, flower beds that will be used as a bordar and to protect the limit of the lot, tree boilers in the parking lot and ornamental green area. Will be used trees, shrubs and herbaceous to coat the several zones. Every green zone will have an automatic irrigation system, essential for its success.

Office Buildings and Housing
Area: 3.900 sqm
Team: Margarida Quelhas, Joana Barreto, Isabel Torres, Cristina Leal
Architecture: Costa Lopes Arq.
Photography: LandPlan
Client: Marina Baía