Oriental Riverfront Park

Lisbon, Portugal 2015 (Lost competition)

The project intends to create a day and night multiple use outer space, a reference public space in Lisbon, continuing the riverside rhythm of docks and squares linked to monumental architecture points. It aims to bear a great load capacity and keeps a perspective of economic and ecological sustainability, from the construction phases to the use and exploitation of the park, reflected on the reuse of structures and the proposal of materials and solutions resistant and with low maintenance costs.
Three big multiuse squares are proposed, built in amphitheatre, giving the experience of different points of view. The southern part of the park is a great green area, inspired on the agriculture compartmentation of the Tejo lowland fields. On the northern part of the park, the existing buildings will be kept, reconverted to be used for the park services.
The green areas are mainly constituted by big non-irrigated meadows, crossed by paved paths, having strategically located irrigated lawns, with high load capacity, meant for active and passive recreation. Over this green matrix, there are high trees’ curtains, to protect from the winds, crossed with low height shrub hedges, parallel to the river, while the trees’ lines allow the views towards the water.

Public Spaces
Area: 66.242,00 m 2
Team: LandPlan, Navegantes arq., Addmore, Betar, Laqre, Engimind, Nemus, ET, Eclipz
Client: Lisbon City Hall